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Italy was the first European country to be hit by COVID-19 and their doctors had to innovate as the hospitals were not equipped to care for so many patients in need of oxygenation therapy. The first repurposing of the Easybreath snorkling mask into a CPAP-like device was born, and with it, the first version of 3D-printed adaptors to connect it to an oxygen source by Isinnova.


Multiple variations of the original design have emerged, ameliorating flow, reliability and safety, in BrusselsUnited KingdomParis, and more. But in the urgency, collaboration has been difficult and slow.

This snorkling mask and others have been explored as an alternative to standard Personal Protection Equipment for front line workers by Stanford, a team that extensively and openly documented their project, and inspired us to do the same.

We are building a network with these teams and others to encourage exchange of data in the spirit of open science, keeping in mind our common final goal:

providing life-saving oxygenation support to COVID-19 patients.

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